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Everyone understands the Internet’s impact on marketing is undeniable – however according to the US Census Bureau; about 78% of the U.S is online with 73% accessing Facebook once a month – leaving an irrefutable 70 million + plus Americans that can’t be reached with online advertising or marketing efforts.  And those numbers increase dramatically when focuses are on global objectives. While 92% of Americans are aware of Twitter, only 8 percent actually use it.

Paraday Communications understands there is a world of opportunities for advertisers to reach out through Offline media channels — more importantly we know how to support your company during the process to save you money — while radically increasing your return on investment & overall income.

Recent studies conducted by Google, prove that traditional offline media such as TV, radio, and print still play leading roles in online searches for products and services!

Given the Internet’s tremendous rise in popularity, today’s marketers refer to other media channels not associated with the World Wide Web as “Offline.” Paraday Communications Offline Advertising & Marketing strategies create immediate awareness of your company’s products and services. Our Offline campaign creation methodology may include radio and print advertising – including billboards, signs and printed materiel – telemarketing, and television ads.

As it’s practically a prerequisite for any business today to have its own Website, offline marketing strategies are frequently tied to company’s online efforts. Many of our clients retain Paraday Communications to create, conceptualize and launch print advertising campaigns, which purposefully contain sparse information about new products & services however, with predominant URL’s and references to Social Media to attract offline customers to our customers Website’s and Social Media.

Who Deploys Offline Advertising & Marketing?

Companies large and small use offline media channels to build buzz about products or services. The strategies can be applied by companies of any size, from storefronts in small communities to some of the largest and most renowned brands in the world. The companies developing offline marketing strategies fit a number of profiles, including:

“Storefront” Businesses

Small to medium sized companies that want to establish a name or foothold in a local community. Businesses such as family restaurants, local salons and boutiques, or independent photography studios use advertisements in community newspapers or small, targeted direct mail pieces that establish themselves in limited market areas they serve. Done correctly these campaigns have a tremendous impact on the community & the businesses income.

Regional & Mid-Sized Businesses

Companies with large customer bases that want to reach customers in a metropolitan area or geographic region. Construction companies, automotive dealers, and grocery store chains are among the type of businesses that can build awareness with customers through traditional advertising means. Billboards, regional television commercials and radio spots spread the word about a company to build its credibility.

Major National Companies

American Standard, Microsoft Partners, Golf Courses and International Resorts – these are just a few major corporations that keep a regular presence in national marketing campaigns involving Offline media channels managed by Paraday Communications. Each campaign features high frequency placement & brand awareness. Our clients witness far deeper discounts from media that produce dramatically larger increases to their bottom line over other firms.

As Offline advertising and marketing strategies tend to be more in-depth over online campaigns, Paraday Communications clients require our assistance by our initially creating & developing all-encompassing advertising and marketing plans before implementing their campaigns. Together with our clients we strategize specific demographics that are to be approached – the target demographic – for our clients new or existing services, then we determine the media channels that will prove to be the most effective with the core focus being on an immediate return on our clients’ investment.

Market research, data acquisition and development services bring our client’s up-to-speed immediately with regard to the media consumption habits of their targeted audiences. Your potential customers tend to listen to, read & watch specific media sources. Paraday Communications draws from highly researched and proven information to get your message placed front and center by strategically placing advertisements for your company where your customers are at the exact perfect moment.

Paraday Communications ensures that your advertisements are focused on and feature consistent messaging about your company, brand imagery – using slogans and logos (Normally that we’ve created) used to build familiarity with potential customers – wherever possible drawing your potential customers to Website’s & Social Media.
Offline advertising & marketing and online marketing strategies are frequently used in collaboration with one another. Paraday Communications assists client’s to dominate their target markets by deploying an integrated marketing approach between offline and online efforts, utilizing the Website as the center point for all marketing efforts.

Your potential customers are compelled to get more information about your products and services from tradition media and Paraday Communications seamlessly leads them directly to your Website for additional information, instantly equating to direct purchases and building your databases with their important contact details. The principle theme between the offline and online marketing partnership is to make your company’s Website easily found.

Offline Marketing Strategies

Behind every advertising campaign we launch and creative promotional materials we create, the fundamental intention of the offline advertising & marketing strategy is to increase online traffic, sales, and overall profitability for our clients. There are various strategies we employ to achieve these results, some of which include:

Direct Mail

“Snail mail,” as it’s commonly referred to, is one of the most commonly used mediums in offline advertising & marketing campaigns. Paraday Communications has direct access to low-cost mailing lists based on demographic data and the creative abilities to design literature that sells, produces an excellent return on the investment and can be deployed repeatedly. Once customers are acquired for your organization – repeat sales are witnessed from your online presence.

Discount Pricing

Another approach to drive customers directly to our clients Website is to offer coupons online. Our clients frequently advertise sales of their products and services in local newspapers and advertising inserts. Rather than including coupons in the newspaper, advertisements guide your customers to print their coupons from your Website. If they want a discount, they have to make a stop online. This approach invariably provides a myriad of techniques in which we deploy to garner further sales.

Loyalty Programs

Paraday Communications understands the importance of building repeat business for our clients. To build a consistent flow of repeat customers, for any sized company, Paraday Communications deploys their much sought after offline loyalty programs. These special programs encourage your customers to patronize your business frequently.  From 10th visit free campaigns to all encompassing stadium tours for pro athletes or teams for increased ticket sales programs.

What prompts people to visit a Website or shop online? According to a study performed by Jupiter Research, offline mediums play a significant role. The study showed 37% of online users perform searches as a result of something they saw on television, 36% as a result of word of mouth or friend’s recommendations and another 30% from magazine and newspaper advertisements. More than 2,300 online users participated in the study proving that companies that deploy Offline marketing strategies with their overall campaigns can increase the effectiveness of each and every marketing medium used.

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