About Us

Paraday Communications – a team dedicated to our client’s success – Your Success!

No matter the size of the company, campaign or project, since 2001 we have supported our clients as their Offline & Online Agency. No matter the requirements we create, develop & market businesses utilizing Print, Radio, Television advertising coupled with Internet, Social Media, Email Marketing, Websites and more with the deployment of our perfected formula for success. Partnering with Paraday Communications provides your organization with access to an experienced team of professionals that are here for the long hall.

Paraday Communications project methodology – involves four primary steps that are used for every project:

Step 1 – Innovation

The first stage of any campaigns’ creation, design & development is referred to as the discovery stage. The Paraday Communications team will query you about; what makes your idea suited for offline & online? Who are your customers? How will they find you? What sets you apart from your competitors? What special features will you require? Naturally, questions vary for established organizations…

The better we understand your business, the more we’ll be your partner in your success, as opposed to just a contracted agency or website designer. The majority of our customers are repeat customers & word of mouth referrals.

Step 2 – Conception & Perception

The Paraday Communications team begins by developing visual representations of your campaigns and projects while together we communicate each & every nuance. During this process there is ample opportunity for you to refine every campaign, design & message associated with your overall projects.

At the conclusion of the Conception & Perception stage, all of your ideas will have taken physical form through expertly created examples and wire frames, giving you and Paraday Communications the ability to fulfill the projects true vision.

Step 3 – Realization

Having stages 1 & 2 completed, the Paraday Communications team will make your concepts into a reality. Based around pre-approved specifications & special features our team will deploy ‘best practices’ used across the industry for both Offline & the Internet by incorporating the right mix of useful, cutting edge technology and valuable information to achieve a customer experience that is unequaled by your competition.

We ensure that you are constantly involved during the processes by requiring your reviews and to guarantee that your organizational goals are developed to perfection and achieve your desired vision for your campaigns & projects.

Step 4 – Deployment

During the Realization Stage, Paraday Communications performs a myriad of internal testing to ensure the utmost in functionality for your campaigns & projects. Finally, the time will have arrived to coordinate a final review with you before launching any specific campaign or project. Any training necessary to utilize special features of your project will be completed, and after final approval from you, the project goes live.

Paraday Communications tests and makes certain that the functionality has transferred completely from the testing environment to the proper media while ensuring that your campaigns and projects are successfully delivered. Upon launch – you can be confident with knowing that your requirements & concerns were addressed every step of the way.